Prestige Sorting

Quality Containment & Part Sorting

Prestige Sorting, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, has been assisting part manufacturers to achieve quality goals since 1998 and we are still partnered with our original cliental.

We offer immediate access to the data collected in real-time and globally available for your suppliers. From pictures to part serial numbers and spreadsheets your data is collected and posted on an easy to navigate dashboard. Not around… don’t worry RoborQ will send automated email updates so you are never out of the loop.

We can quickly deliver many additional services including Engineering Rework, Liaisons, Launch Support, Line Side Quality and Staffing Support.  This enables us to reach far beyond the traditional “Go/No-Go” service offering.

Containment & Inspection

Prestige Sorting has performed a variety of inspections, including Controlled Shipping at all levels, Visual Inspections, Gauging, Part Rework and Assembly, GP12, Yellow Dot, etc.

We perform inspections on your site, line side or at one of our our climate controlled facilities with over 100,000 square feet of operational space.

Working with you or your team we can plan / execute a process, correct the quality concern and get you back to your primary responsibilities.

Logistics & Warehousing

Whether you need parts transported, sorted offsite, or placed in secure storage, Prestige has the capabilities to do it all. From automated inventory to integrated EDI/ASN generation we can coordinate your delivery and receiving schedule.

  • Additional Services:
    • Modular and Secondary Stage Assembly
    • Sequence Assemblies
    • North American Warehouse for International Receiving
    • Build and Distribution of Service Parts

Prestige Sorting has proven to be flexible to our customer’s needs in the unpredictable environments and industries we serve. Contact us to see how we can assist you…

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