Prestige Extreme Machining and Manufacturing

3 & 5 Axis Machining and Boring

Prestige Extreme Machining and Manufacturing has expertise in supporting the automotive, heavy equipment, aerospace and defense industries with skilled professionals machining a variety of tooling and parts.

Our 50,000 square foot climate controlled facility is perfect for your small, medium and large projects.

We Specialize in 2D / 3D Programming and Machining of:

  • Prototype and Production tools
  • Early Prototype Parts or One off Molds
  • Low Volume Production
  • Very Large or Small Items
  • Specialty / Custom Machining

Our services include Small / Large 5 Axis Machining and up to 12’x24′ Boring capabilities

  • 3-Axis and 5-Axis Machining up to 40,000lbs.
    • (2) Large SNK 5-Axis Machining Centers, up to 206” x 137” x 59”
    • (7) Large SNK 3-Axis Machining Centers, up to 177” x 114” x 55”
    • (1) Large CHL 3-Axis Machining Center up to 157” x 102” x 39”
    • (1) Small HAAS 5-Axis High Speed Machining Center, 30” x 20” x 20”
    • (9) Small Machining Centers of various makes and sizes with High Speed capabilities
    • (1) Cincinnati Boring Mill, accommodating up to 98” x 252” with a 48” Rotary Table
  • In-house tooling distribution center allowing immediate access to a store house of tooling and cutting application support
  • Experience machining a diverse range of materials including:
    • Steel, Cast Iron, Kirksite, Invar, Plastics, Composites, Aluminum, Clay and Foam
  • CAD/CAM support
  • CMM inspection and certification services
  • Program Management support

We make knowledge a capability…

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